José María de Aurora

José María De Aurora


José María de Aurora is a painter working with the importance of matter and the physical act of painting, profoundly influenced by the purity of lines and the understated beauty of minimalism. His work is an exploration of architectural elements and serene compositions that embody the essence of visual poetry.

Having nurtured a deep love for art since a young age, José María de Aurora has ventured into various artistic realms, including painting, sculpture, engraving, and dressmaking. His artistic journey reached a significant milestone when he presented his first painting at the Fundación Tàpies, winning a regional competition. Further enriching his skills, he pursued formal education at the School of Arts and Techniques of Fashion at the Ramón Llull University.

Currently well known for being the founder and creative director of the distinguished Spanish couture label Ze García, José María de Aurora gracefully navigates the intricate world of haute couture. Amidst the glamour, he finds a serene haven for creative expression, dedicating himself to crafting pictorial masterpieces in his studio nestled in Aiguablava on the Costa Brava.

José María de Aurora’s artistic journey stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence, seamlessly merging the realms of high fashion and visual art. His creations invite contemplation on the harmonious interplay of architectural precision, minimalist aesthetics, and the poetic depth embedded in each artwork. Whether within the opulence of haute couture or the tranquil confines of his studio, José María de Aurora inspires through his commitment to artistic creation.


The concept of his abstract and minimalist work evokes calm and serenity. The artist travels to a specific place and time with the different moving textures dressed in pure colors, giving his work an energetic role.

José María de Aurora works with free and organic strokes that endow his works with a marked DNA driven by the north of Spain, l’Empordà and the Costa Brava. The handmade and rustic air that builds the linen backgrounds, the pressed cottons and the textures from aesthetic color combinations provide warmth, tranquility and elegance.